The "War on Terror" began shortly after I graduated university (with a degree in History and Political Science).   Initially, I perceived 9/11 as blowback - a direct result of American Imperialism.  Nonetheless, at that point in my life, I had never even heard of the word Zionism, there was seldom talk of radical Islam, and “terrorism” was still considered a tactic.  

Following the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, I spent a lot of time watching and listening to the news;  however, not having a telephone or internet access at the time, I was unwittingly left to the mercy of the mainstream media.  When the War in Iraq began, I continued to follow the news, and patiently waited for the "Coalition of the Willing" to find "Weapons of Mass Destruction" - but they never did.  It is difficult to estimate how many innocent Iraqis were killed, and how many lives were destroyed.

To me, it was such an obvious crime.  I simply do not understand how Neoconservatives like Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney could initiate an unprovoked attack on a country that they claimed posed an “imminent threat” to peace, kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people, displace countless more, and then not produce any evidence to justify the premise of the war.  Regardless, the more I began to research the Iraq War, the more I became aware of how deep the lies go.

I believe the first thing someone needs to realize - before engaging in a serious conversation about 9/11 - is that World Trade Centre towers 1, 2 and 7 were demolished with explosives.   There is simply too much evidence to ignore - including the scientific evidence presented by credible experts, including Professor Emeritus Niels Herrit and architect Richard Gage.

Although I still have many questions about 9/11 - many of which will possibly never be answered - I am still able to draw certain conclusions from the extensive research that I have done, including the following points:

  • All three World Centre Trade buildings (1,2 and 7) were knocked down with replanted explosives 
  • 9/11 was a highly sophisticated military operation.
  • The government is not telling the truth

I encourage anyone to watch the documentaries that I have linked to on my website. You do not need to understand all the details to realize that 9/11 is a lie.  Only when someone excepts that, are they then prepared  to engage in a more serios conversation about the implications.

Based on the evidence I have seen, I personally believe that 9/11 was a "false-flag attack," primarily carried out by Israeli special forces, with the assistance of elements within the United States government, intelligence community, and military.  I believe that only the Israeli's had the means and the motive to coordinate and implement that attack, as well as to control the media.  I also believe that members of the intelligence community from other countries - including Canada - were in the loop.   

Unfortunately, at some point we need to publicly recognize that 911 is a lie, and then initiate a real investigation in order to better understand who is to be held responsible. To be clear, I believe that the average Israeli - like the average Canadian and American - has no idea what elements of their government, and the deep state, will do, in the name of national security  (as well as for corporate interests, including Big Oil and the Military Industrial Complex).

Ultimately, I hope that my music helps to raise awareness of the crimes that continue to be justified as a result of this fake "War on Terror."  How many innocent people have to die before we stop fighting these stupid wars - that ultimately only serve the interests of a small minority of the body politic?  Where is the leadership, and where is the justice?